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I’m not saying that my Mom and I had the BEST RELATIONSHIP EVAH. We didn’t. Two people that are practically the same never really do. But, as I look back on my life, I realize that my Mom did the absolute best that she could with what she was given, and although I was a good girl, I wasn’t the easiest girl to mother. I don’t like tooting my own horn, but I’m smart. My mother is too, don’t ever let her tell you any different, but just in a different kind of way. When I was wanting her to tell me the secrets of calculus, she was wanting me to learn how to cook. Now, as I have my own children, I realize that it was an issue of her not knowing how to deal with me, how to come to my level of thinking. I often struggle with having to do this with my own children; when I have to slow down my thinking process and find some sort of common ground in order to get my point across. And, the only way that I know how to do this is because of Star Trek.

I bet when you asked for these testimonials you weren’t expecting to get an answer that says that I am a better mother because of Star Trek. It isn’t just that, though. Star Trek, specifically the friendship between Spock and Captain Kirk taught me that just because I was intelligent and thought in ways that no one else around me did, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t have a meaningful relationship with the people around me.

Darkened Prose: A Letter to William Shatner

This is lovely.

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Because telling fat people that they are in fact humans that deserve dignity and respect automatically means you’re ~*GLORIFYING OBESITY*~

By the way, don’t dribble on to me saying you worry about a fat person’s ‘health’. That’s just a bullshit excuse to voice your unwanted opinion on a fat person’s body considering you wouldn’t give a single flying fuckadoodle about someone’s health if they were skinny. Besides another person’s health is none of your damned business anyway. Run along now and preach to a choir that actually cares.

I’m going to be honest, so long as you’re not hurting anyone, you can eat soy sauce and milk duds all day long for all I care.

thank you so much for this comic imp.

Reminder: Body image does not equate to actual health.

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